Reserves and Natinal parks of Kazakhstan

Unique on beauty and rich with sights, rare and vanishing species of plants and animals …


Rounds on big cities
of Kazakhstan

Astana has been declared by capital of Kazakhstan on December, 10th, 1997. Representation of Astana as capitals has taken place on June, 10th, 1998....


of Kazakhstan

With medicinal water, woods rich with everything that the nature, sources, with unique structure of water can give natural lakes....


The Great

Silk Way

Stretched from China to the west, through Semireche and Southern Kazakhstan, has arisen as a trading highway in III century B.C. …



Today millions players with pleasure master a new kind of travel, travel to the desired world, hazardous entertainments …



That can be more interesting than supervision over unique objects of the nature from height of the bird's flight …


Hunting and fishing
in Kazakhstan

The well-known hunting with a golden eagle, is one of the most original Kazakh national traditions …


Tour to the
Baykonur cosmodrome



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